The Environmental Living Program Teacherís Resource Handbook is a work in progress.

Please note: There is one link to get the whole handbook (warning it is 14MB for the whole document). The handbook is over 300 pages, so for ease of downloading, we have also taken each section and uploaded it as a separate link in PDF. However, some of the sections are still quite large, please give it time to download.

Adobe Reader is a free download, if you don't have it you can download it by going to Adobe Products

Please note, to save paper, we did not scan the blank pages that appear in the hard copy of the manual. Please keep this in mind if you are printing a section, so that the pages are not off set funny if you choose to double side copy. We also did not include page numbers on the scanned versions due to the fact that the manual changes frequently. We thought it best to continue to update the Table of Contents (which can be found in the Opening Section) and therefore guide you in compiling the manual as a complete document instead of sections.

The pictures, text excerpts, and book reproductions have been approved for use within this educational handbook in an educational setting only and may not be sold, copied, used, or edited to serve for any other purpose. They are all protected by copyright law and the misuse of them is a violation of this law.

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